Fiorentini SpA

Since 1978, Ing. O. Fiorentini SpA design and produce industrial cleaning machines and is currently amongst the Italian and European leaders in this sector.

Ing. O. Fiorentini SpA with over 40 years of experience, is formed by a young and dynamic group of human resources, customer oriented, and focused on constant improvement of the products. The Company is committed to anticipate customer's needs in order to offer the best in terms of products and technical-commercial solutions.

Our engineers are able to study end realise customized solutions, apt to answer to the most exigent needs in terms of cleaning, as well as application needed in the niche market, with professionalism and competence.

The Fiorentini brand is synonymous of quality. The products are well known for compactness and strength. All products are entirely designed and produced in Italy.
Ing. O. Fiorentini Spa can proudly declare that all the products are 100% MADE IN ITALY.
The new products designs offer modern solutions, taking advantage of the latest generation technologies. The products are practical, functional end elegant.

As part of its continuous growth, the Ing. O. Fiorentini SpA produces a wide range of cleaning machines suitable to satisfy every specific requirement. The range of products is composed by sweepers, tractors for trailers up to 5000 kG, road sweepers, a wide range of vacuum cleaners and floor cleaning machines, professional carpets cleaners and road sweepers.

The company Ing. O. Fiorentini Spa is considered a landmark in the cleaning sector, because is offering cleaning machines and equipment of superior quality that match customer expectations.

The Ing. O. Fiorentini Spa is producing the products in in three dedicated factories located in Piancaldoli, Castel S. Pietro Terme and Pietramala. Part of the company are the two commercial branch located in Milan and Rome.